Official Google Voice App for iPhone Now Available


Updated. The official Google Voice (s goog) App for iPhone (s aapl) is now available in the App Store, following the arrival of a number of third-party solutions. The app was originally submitted sometime in mid-2009, and starred in its own drama involving Apple, Google, AT&T (s t) and the Federal Communications Commission , but it was never officially accepted or rejected.

Apple opened the door for Google Voice apps when it revised and published its App Store review guidelines for all to read. The increased transparency gave developers the ability to see exactly what kind of software would be accepted, which meant there really weren’t grounds any longer to keep Google Voice apps out if they adhered to the rules.

The new native app is available for free from the App Store, and provides access to all major Google Voice features just like the HTML5 web app, including free text messaging to U.S. numbers, voicemail transcription and cheap international long distance rates. Also just like the HTML5 app, it automatically places calls from the iPhone’s Phone app using Google’s backend, though it will display your Google Voice number on the recipient’s call display.

The new app also brings push notifications, which a web app couldn’t provide. Those notifications alert you instantly when you receive a text message or new voicemail.

You need a Google Voice account to use the app, which at this time is available to U.S. residents only, though international expansion plans are in the works with a planned roll-out sometime in 2011. Grab it now (you know you want it) and let us know how you’re finding it in the comments.

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I have had Google Voice for a while now and still can’t figure out what to do with it. I know technically what to do, just don’t know how this product would fit into my life.


Very constructive comment Jill…

I wonder how this will work on my wifi ipad. Will have to try it out later to see if I can check my voicemail and text over wifi. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work out.


Let me guess, there is fee for this app. Also, will your thumb block the signal for this app too?

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