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Nov. 16: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

There has been a lot of black-and-white talk in the cloud world lately, but like most things, the answers generally lie in the gray area. Today, we have either-or questions, like will cloud computing kill virtualization, and can NoSQL actually replace SQL in the cloud. We also have news that proves my gray area hypothesis, such as Facebook choosing HBase, AWS getting ISO certification, and yet another complement to the CPU.

Will the Cloud Kill Virtualization? (From SQL Server Magazine) This article compares the cloud approaches of VMware and Microsoft to answer the titular question. The thing is, however, Microsoft still relies heavily on virtualization for private clouds, so it lives on.

Are Databases In the Cloud Really All that Different? (From CNET) This sounds like more anti-NoSQL FUD, which isn’t really a fair pastime. It’s all about use cases, and there are definitely use cases for NoSQL, or whatever you want to call it.

Facebook’s New Real-time Messaging System: HBase to Store 135B Messages a Month (From High Scalability) This is big validation for HBase, as Facebook is fast becoming the “it” company in terms of web infrastructure. And rather than signaling the end of Cassandra, it just underscores the “right tool for the job” theory.

AWS Receives ISO 27001 Certification (From the Amazon Web Services blog) This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s noteworthy. Every step providers can take to prove they’re secure is worth something. Of course, many certifications weren’t designed with the cloud in mind.

Researchers Harness Chaos Theory for New Class of CPUs (From Are Technica) It seems only likely that heterogeneous, or hybrid, systems will be the future. CPUs might remain dominant, but FPGAs, GPUs and, now, “chaogates” look to share the spotlight.

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