Keep an Ear on Elderly Parents With Sonamba

Making sure elderly parents living alone are all right is now easier for family members with the release of the Sonamba monitoring system. Sonamba is a 7-inch digital picture frame that monitors motion and sound in the surrounding area to determine if the elderly resident is in distress. What sets Sonamba apart from similar gadgets is that it compares the real-time activity with historical levels it has recorded so that unusual situations are immediately apparent. The integrated 3G connectivity kicks in at those times and sends alerts to caregivers.

The main unit supplied with Sonamba is the touch panel device that can be set to display a slide show of photos. This panel senses sound and motion in the immediate area, and the kit has a mobile panic button the elderly can press to summon aid. The system can also be configured to give notices when it’s time to take medications. Sonamba creates a private social network that allows caregivers, family members and the monitored individuals to communicate at will, useful if the elderly are not connected to the web via other methods.

The Sonamba system can be accessed and controlled remotely through an iPhone (s aapl) app designed to make it easy to maintain. This app allows configuration of the alerts, such as text messages sent to caregivers when something is amiss at the elderly person’s home. Personal photos can be uploaded to the Sonamba system for the enjoyment of the system owner. The system starts at $459.99, and requires a monthly monitoring fee starting at $30.

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