Beatles Music Now Available in iTunes Store [Updated]


UPDATE: Yep, that’s it. Sigh.

It’s not quite time for the Apple (s aapl) announcement yet, so there’s no telling whether or not this is what’s going to be revealed, but a simple search finds that music by The Beatles is now available for purchase in the iTunes Store. All albums appear to be available, including the complete Beatles Box Set for $149.00.

All the albums start at $12.99, while some special editions and compilations will cost you $19.99. There’s no evidence that the Mono box set is currently available, as only one box set option appears, and it seems to be the Stereo version. All the albums also appear to be iTunes LP editions, so they come complete with additional features like mini-documentaries, liner notes and photos.

I’m sincerely hoping this isn’t the big announcement coming up this morning. Seems like too much fanfare for some new content availability. What do you think?

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Marco A.

It’s a big announcement for Apple because it says to the content providers who won’t sell through iTunes or Apple TV: We’re powerful, we can win anybody over eventually, so get with the program if you want to make money. It says to consumers: Don’t worry about your favorite content not being available, we’ll get it in the store soon enough. Plus, it’s material to Apple’s bottom line – they’ll sell a lot of Beatles tracks. OK, it’s not a Pandora killer, but it’s still news to Apple (if not anyone else).


Meanwhile, Amazon is offering both the stereo and the mono boxed sets (on CD) for $129.99 each.


I’m not sure anyone who wasn’t alive in the 60s can understand just how huge this is. You had to be there. Millions of us were. Since there have been no legal downloads of Beatles music until now, this is enormous, but I get why you don’t get it.

Alex Cameron

Was the Beatles music not formerly available via iTunes?

If so then I suppose it is a big announcement! Must admit though I thought it was going to be life changing.


THAT was disappointing… I was expecting something else (perhaps streaming or an online store).


The only reason why I will remember this day is because of the huge let down. Apple this is so dumb and annoying


Oh my.. it´s , it´s Oh my God, it´s nothing

What ist that??? – this is by far the most lame announcement in living memory.

I cant stand that extremistic apple talk any longer. This might be a personal thing to His Steveness, but honestly who the hell doest have anything from the Beatles in his iTunes, if this Band is fine for him??? There are a billion discografies out here quadrillions of CDs and LPs

I dont get it. So its just another “fab”ulous day i wont remember tomorrow.
Greetings from Cologne Germany to the AppleBlog Team and his readers



“the Beatles….Now on iTunes…….Free”. Atleast that would’ve got me excited


They could’ve at least used a beatles quote to tease us, not that “once in a lifetime” bs…….. I’m not angry, just dissapointed, I really expected something big.


Historically, very significant.

But to me, it seems like much ado about nothing. I’m disappointed that this it.


Yeah… A bunch of dead / (nearly dead) guys music available.

All those people who have waited patiently, holding off on buying the actual CDs for years, must be stoked!

Moritz Schmale

Jep, that’s the announcement.
Wow now I will never forget that… WTF the Beatles are now available in the iTunes Store???
I expect something greater when they make such an announcement

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