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Nov. 15: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Amazon Web Services’ GPU Instances aside, the news today is all about money. On top of the $2.25 billion EMC is slated to pay for Isilon, scale-out SAN vendor Coraid closed a $25 million Series B round, and one research firm predicts NoSQL to be a $1.8 billion market by 2015. On the cloud front, it seems people have reality on their minds — what’s the real state of cloud computing, how green is it, and how are large organizations using it?

IT Extremists (From Bits or Pieces) Simon Wardley is absolutely correct about extreme views on the state of IT, especially as they relate to cloud computing. Commodization, for example, *is* happening *and* spurs innovation in new areas.

Q&A: Eli Lilly On Cloud Computing Reality (From InformationWeek) This is a fairly insightful Q&A, although a direct question about the AWS contracts negotiations would have been useful. At this point, we want to know the limits of cloud usage.

The Cloud’s Green Advantage (From Forbes) Ignore the author’s affiliation (Microsoft) and focus on the stats. Cloud computing isn’t necessarily green, but it’s a greener option than managing those services in-house.

Coraid Closes Series-B Investment of $25 Million (From Coraid) Scale-out storage isn’t only about file systems, it’s about SANs as well. Coraid whopping $25 million proves that.

NoSQL Market: From Nowhere to $1.8 Billion by 2015 (From Stock Markets Review) By 2015, this could be accurate. Startups like MarkLogic, Membase, 10gen and CouchOne have promising futures across the cloud, mobile and content sectors.

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