HP Mini 1103 Enterprise-Class Netbook for $299

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If HP’s release of the Mini 1103 (s hpq) is an indication, the netbook is not dead. The Mini 1103 is a netbook aimed at the enterprise and starts at the low price of $299. The 10.1-inch netbook has the outstanding keyboard HP has used in past models, and the ability to run commonly used applications without booting up Windows is aimed squarely at the business traveler.

While the Mini 1103 is simply an evolution of HP’s long line of netbooks, the low starting price shows how competitive the netbook makers have become due to sales lost to the iPad (s aapl). Netbook OEMs have no choice but to lower prices to keep sales up; HP has foregone the metal casing of the more expensive Mini 5103, in favor of a plastic case much cheaper to produce.

The Mini 1103 is a solid netbook for those with a driving need for maximum portability in a notebook. It has good hardware specifications and will be solid performer at a very reasonable cost.

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Too bad as a business / enterprise machine, HP couldn’t be bothered to try and be competitive with similarly-sized (but better spec’d) models like the ASUS EeePC 1215N or Dell Inspiron 101z.
A dull black case with dull specs and a couple of ‘enterprise- ready’ features does not necessarily equate as a useful business machine – and its these users that can afford to push the cost envelope (a bit). Otherwise, it’s just another low-end consumer netbook.

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