Apple Posts iTunes Announcement Teaser [Updated]


UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally secured the right to sell Beatles music in the iTunes Store. That could be what Apple is planning to announce tomorrow, since Steve Jobs has been pursuing the Liverpool quartet’s catalogue for some time now. If this is the announcement that’s garnered so much attention, I’ll be deeply disappointed.

Apple (s aapl) just posted a new teaser image on its home page, promising an iTunes announcement for tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. PST, or 10:00 AM EST. The official tagline for the event is “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” No other information about the nature of the announcement is available, but a few interesting possibilities come to mind.

We’ve heard that the iOS 4.2 update could arrive then, but that doesn’t seem to merit the pomp and circumstance Apple’s using here. A day that we’ll “never forget?” Not likely to be the arrival of a software update that’s been teased for months now, and that we’ve seen beta previews of for almost as long.

I suspect a couple other possibilities are more likely. First, Apple’s been doing a lot of work with Ping lately, so we could finally see an agreement between Facebook and Apple to bring the networks together. The recent Twitter integration has helped its friend discovery weaknesses, but a Facebook partnership would shore that up.

Second, there’s a slight chance that we could finally see all those rumors of a streaming iTunes service come to fruition. Talks have reportedly been going on for months, or even years, between Apple and record labels about such a service, and it’s possible Apple only now managed to reach an agreement that would allow a big enough library for a launch. With Spotify and others breathing down its neck, the timing couldn’t be better.

Finally, I think a third possibility could be the introduction of a web-based iTunes Store. Apple has introduced web page previews for iTunes links in the last year, and a great deal could be gained by taking the whole store online. It would save a lot of work on the development end, since iTunes would be platform-independent, and it would provide store access to more users, including casual buyers who don’t want to have to install software to purchase music. It would also help bring Ping to the browser, something I think would really help user adoption of the service.

What do you think Apple has in store for tomorrow?

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The Beatles could be a One More Thing thing. Let’s hope the main announcement is something truly unforgettable.


It’s got to be big… Saying something is going to change our loves forever is hardly the release of just beatles music, i mean, what if you don’t like the beatles?

iTunes in the cloud is my guess, that would Change the way we all listen to music, one source streamed to all devices. Kinda cool.


Flat rate of downloads.
Pay a monthly fee to iTunes and then download/stream as much as you want. That will be awesome and will give them a lot of money

Stephen Neill

I think that they are going to integrate streaming Television into Itunes based on a small fee. Now that would change the face and make a big impact of Apple and Itunes!


I wish there was a decent app that would convert PST and EST into GMT for UKers.


7 AM PST, or 10 PM EST

Last I checked, 7 AM PST is 10 AM EST – not 10 PM ;)


You’re kidding, right… the clocks look nothing like the semaphore hand covers of either Help album – the lads were placed differently on the British and American covers. BTW, neither one of them actually spells “help.”


Think so too…

“Every day she takes a morning bath, she wets her hair
Wraps a towel around her as she’s heading for the bedroom chair
It’s just another day”

Coincidence? we’ll see …


It simply would be the 90 sec. song preview thing…and apple would call it revolutionary :)

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