The Morning Lowdown 11.15.10


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Zagat’s high-rise paywall has kept the guidebooks’ reviews from being plundered all over the internet — but it has also allowed sites like Yelp and Chowhound to gain more relevance. It’s mobile app is starting to pay off, but is it too late for Zagat to build a web presence outside of its paid content? [NYT]

»  Media buyers are conflicted about Hulu, as they’re caugtht in the middle of tensions with the video service’s network backers. They even think the joint venture could break apart. But with brands drawn to Hulu’s attentive audience, its uncluttered commercial pods and its ad performance data, they nevertheless find themselves cheering the service on in its battles against rival Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX). [Mediaweek]

» has rejected at being lumped in with the “content farm” industry. Considering that one its bloggers makes a credible boast of earning about $100,000 from supplying content to the site would seem to be one thing that could separate it from the rest of the pack. [AdAge]

»  The beleaguered publisher of Cooks Source magazine is making a play for sympathy after enduring the wrath of the internet community after sending an indifferent response to a writer who complained of being plagiarized. The publisher complains about being overworked and not understanding copyright rules. [ via Mediagazer]

»  Tumblr may have faced down the likes of Gene Simmons and The Tea Party, but it may have met its match in a challenge from the anarchic message board 4chan. Or has it? Could Tumblr have been the reason that 4chan was mysteriously down? [Valleywag, Techcrunch]

»  Popular paid newsreader app Pulse is going to be free as it tries to bring in more users and ad dollars. [NYT]

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