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Boxee Box Unboxing

Boxee wasn’t kidding when they said that people who preorder the Boxee Box will get their units earlier than anyone else. We are still waiting on our review unit, but the Boxee Box that I bought for my own home setup arrived in the mail today. I decided to shoot a quick unboxing video to give you a first look at the device (excuse the light conditions, that’s how it looks like in my living room).

I also just connected the device to my TV — it initially had some trouble connecting to my wireless network, and immediately started to download a system update after establishing a successful connection. And the box is actually pretty noisy — not as noisy as a PC, but definitely more noticeable than the Apple TV (s AAPL) or a number of similar devices.

Check back for a detailed review of the hardware as well as the new Boxee 1.0 interface, which is as of now exclusively available on the Boxee box, in the upcoming days.

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