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iOS 4.2 Release for iPad, iPhone Delayed to Nov. 16?

The iOS (s aapl) 4.2 update could be delayed until at least next Tuesday, Nov. 16, according to a new report by iPhoneHellas. The new date contradicts earlier rumors that we would see the update arrive today, Nov. 12. References found in iOS 4.2 carrier bundles pointing to a Nov. 12 launch have been removed, further supporting the change of date.

iPhoneHellas has accurately predicted the arrival of Apple’s iOS updates in the past, so it seems a fairly reliable source. It’s also careful to say that Nov. 16 is now the “most likely” release date, so there’s no guarantee it’ll arrive next Tuesday, either. It could depend on what Apple needs to fix. As is most often the case with software updates, Apple hasn’t yet made any comment about a specific iOS 4.2 release date, beyond Steve Jobs’ assertion that it would arrive in November.

There seems to be at least one likely culprit behind the delay. Many developers are saying there’s a serious Wi-Fi issue for iPads running the iOS 4.2 Golden Master (GM) candidate, which is supposed to be the final pre-release version before public launch. Affected iPads seems to have trouble maintaining a solid Wi-Fi connection, and some even can’t seem to use Safari at all.

The report that originally pegged the release of 4.2 for today also stated that it would be preceded by an OS X and iTunes update on Wednesday. We did see the arrival of OS X 10.6.5, but not updated iTunes software, which would be required to support the new iOS version. AirPlay also requires an update to Apple TV to enable video streaming from from an iOS source.

iOS 4.2 brings a number of new features to iOS devices, including multitasking and the ability to print directly from the iPad via AirPrint. AirPrint may have lost some of its functionality in recent builds, however, since it no longer seems able to print to a connected network printer, but only directly to select HP (s hpq) models.

Long story short, if you’re up early this Friday in anticipation of iOS 4.2’s release, it’s probably safe for you to go back to bed. We’ll let you know more as details emerge.

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10 Responses to “iOS 4.2 Release for iPad, iPhone Delayed to Nov. 16?”

  1. Would this be the multi-tasking update that will rock the iPad’s world ?

    I am sure the Cupertino Engineer’s have loaded up some mind blowing goodness for us Pad users, till then I will be figuring out how to use my new 7″ Samsung thingy that fits in my pocket while my iPad needs a bigger pouch.


      Ahh yes, you’ll be loving how well flash sites and games work on your Samsung thingy. And contemplate how to setup VPN and Exchange ActiveSync. All of those things work so well on your Samsung thingy.

  2. I wondered if that was supposed to be the date all along when iTunes kept saying it would check for an update again on the 16th, even when I would check it manually. Usually it pushes that date back.