Apple Releases iTunes 10.1 [Updated: Remove Ping!]


SoftwareUpdateApple (s aapl) just pushed out iTunes version 10.1 via Software Update. The update brings the ability to use AirPlay to stream video from iTunes to the new Apple TV, the ability to sync with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices running iOS 4.2 (yet to be released), and a number of stability improvements.

Many expected version 10.1 of Apple’s Mac audio/video management software to arrive this Wednesday, in advance of a Friday release of the iOS 4.2 update. New rumors suggest that the 4.2 release was delayed until next Tuesday, however, and today’s release of the iTunes update is in keeping with that updated timeline.

To update your copy of iTunes, just run “Software Update” from the OS X Menu Bar and it should appear. Let us know if you have any problems with the new version in the comments.

UPDATE: Checking out the new version reveals another, unadvertised feature. You can now remove Ping from your source menu via iTunes>Preferences. Simply uncheck the box next to it as shown in the screenshot below. Great addition, Apple!

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Milad Ghattavi

if you disable ping, u’ll get the genius side bar back! yeeey..


Thanks for the Ping-gone information.

I don’t question Apple’s motives for Ping,
no doubt millions of users will love telling
their friends about new music.

For me, it’s another time-stealer, like Facebook.
I look forward to removing it.

Vanessa Knox

when i hook up my iPhone to sync i get a message that says Itunes is having problems and needs to close. What is going on

Trevor Gerzen

I installed the iTunes 10.1b10 (10) to install the Gold seed of 4.2 and now when I check for updates there’s no new updates. Seems like I may be stuck with iTunes beta software until another update?

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