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Podcast Rundown Part 1: HD Video for Your Apple TV

My original love when it comes to tech video programming was “The Screen Savers.” Not only was I a regular viewer, but I was also a live audience member whenever I was in San Francisco, where it was first shot. Following the buyout of TechTV by rival company G4, nothing has been up to par on broadcast, cable or satellite television. However, the original and extended cast members from “The Screen Savers” and other TechTV classics have blossomed online. Here are some of the best Apple-related (s APPL) video selections from that bumper crop.

HD Video Podcasts for Apple TV

TWiT TV’s This Week in Tech (TWiT). (iTunes Link) Leo Laporte was at the core of The Screen Savers, and TWiT is what is left of of the old classic, in podcast form.  While not as polished as a it’s studio production of times past, the video is more like a visual of a radio talk show. The technologies covered are not specifically or exclusively Apple related, but conversations seem to always come around to Apple in one way or another. The only fault Leo has is that he has remained friends with John C. Dvorak, a well-established Mac critic. Coincidently, John’s awesome show, Cranky Geeks would have made the list, if it had not been canceled. (Show Notes)

Revision3’s Tekzilla. (iTunes Link) Patrick Norton co-hosted Screen Savers for a long time and now works at Revision3.  Veronica Belmont co-hosts the longer weekly version and seems to take the lead on many of the shorter daily episodes.  Again while not centered on solely Apple content, the show does tend to feature Apple related technology more than not. Patrick is a straight shooter that gets right to the point.  More than just the facts, the opinions and reviews of technology expressed on the show are are well worth considering. (Show Notes)

Revision3’s diggNation. (iTunes Link) Despite the fact that the Digg website is in trouble due to a failed upgrade earlier this year, Kevin “Mac” Rose and Alex “PC” Albrecht were the original PC vs. Mac odd couple. Kevin was once featured on The Screen Savers, and Alex co-hosted the G4 version of the program as Kevin’s comic relief sidekick just before G4 decided to cancel it.  At times, the show can seem to lack any focus at all, but it’s still an icon of the Mac vs. PC battle. (Show Notes)

Revison3’s GeekBeat.TV. (iTunes Link) Cali Lewis, once a co-host on Call for Help with Leo Laporte, is at it again with a new show, GeekBeat.  It  covers a wide variety of gadgets and technology.  While Cali has in the past been a very devoted Mac lover, recently she has been straying away from Apple by using various “other” smart phones.  Truly a gadget lover, Cali was featured as one of the ShowGirls in 2007 as well as being part of a GoDaddy Superbowl commercial. I highly recommend trying to keep up with this almost daily podcast. (Show Notes)

Pixel Corps’ MacBreak. (iTunes Link) There’s a series of Mac-specific podcasts produced under the Pixel Corps umbrella. One of the more famous podcasts is MacBreak Weekly, which Leo Laporte co-hosts. Also in the series are Dev, Studio, Tech, and Work-specific versions of the show.  Founded by Alex Lindsay, the crew at Pixel Corps are dedicated to digital production.  It should therefore be no surprise that MacBreak was the first podcast shot in 1080p.  If the earlier four recommendations did not have enough Mac content, this one won’t leave you wanting. (Show Notes)

Viewing Podcasts

If you’re like me, and are now subscribing to the video podcasts on your Apple TV as favorites, simply take the list above and search for the podcasts in the internet section of Apple TV. Be sure to add them as a favorite so you don’t have to keep searching for them again and again. Otherwise, find them in iTunes and subscribe to keep them synced to your iOS device. Think we’re missing any truly great ones? Please share in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Podcast Rundown Part 1: HD Video for Your Apple TV”

  1. You’re missing one of our regular shows – HD Nation. Also Patrick Norton with Robert Heron.

    Anything to do with High Definition – and it’s as broad you would ever wish for a definition. Another product of Revision 3 – which counts among the officers of the firm David Prager and Jim Louderback – also from back in the day at Tech TV.

    HD Nation usually downloads Tuesday morning at iTunes.