Nov. 11: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


With computing figured out, the next frontier of innovation in cloud computing looks to be a t the network level. Today, for example, we see lots of competition for Akamai, AWS improving the upload process to overcome network reliability, and Extreme Networks winning VMware’s business. In other news, Microsoft released a lengthy white paper on cloud economics, and affirms its commitment to SaaS.

Economics of the Cloud (From Microsoft on the Issues) This is a brief blog entry summarizing a lengthy white paper that Microsoft wrote on the economics of cloud computing. If Microsoft is right,  everyone, including vendors, would be crazy to avoid the cloud.

Akamai Sues Cotendo for Patent Infringement (From CloudPundit: Massive-Scale Computing) Suddenly, Akamai’s position as the CDN king doesn’t look so assured. According to this analysis, suing Cotendo is a sign that Akamai thinks it’s a real competitor. Oh, and Netflix jumped ship to Level 3.

Amazon S3: Multipart Upload (From the Amazon Web Services blog) This is another smart move by the AWS team. Now, instead of risking re-uploading large files if the connection goes down, users can break files into smaller segments that reunite once entirely uploaded. Will Not Move Beyond CRM (From PC World) Probably a good idea. There’s no use expanding outside your wheelhouse when business is booming and there’s plenty integration work being done to add value.

VMware Runs its Business Infrastructure on Extreme Networks Technology (From Extreme Networks) Big customer win for Extreme Networks aside, this is intriguing because of VMware’s relatively tight relationship with Cisco. If “dogfooding” is evidence of anything, doesn’t this in some ways an indictment of Cisco?

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