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Green Overdrive [video]: Rollin’ In the Ford Escape Hybrid

Here’s our first SUV on the Green Overdrive show, where if it’s green we drive it. For this week’s episode we check out a Ford Escape Hybrid, which is one of 20 prototypes that Ford built for its utility partners. The idea was to test out the hybrid SUV with utilities to collect data about how plugging in vehicles effects the power grid. So far so good, and that seamless transition between gas and electric was pretty smooth, too.

7 Responses to “Green Overdrive [video]: Rollin’ In the Ford Escape Hybrid”

  1. Also, for those of us who would rather use domestic sources of fuel, this vehicle’s ability to take E85 looks really attractive. At this time E85 might not be any greener, but at least it doesn’t come from the Middle East!

  2. Ad van der Meer

    100 MPG? Seriously?

    Throwing out a number like this is worthless information. This car is capable of driving 30 mi pure electric. Drive 31 mi and you are getting 1’000 MPG.

    Of course, most people could drive close or fully electric and yes they would get great MPG numbers. I would like to know how the car does electric (mi/kWh) and how the car does (MPG) after the battery has been used so much that the ICE engine has to kick in. These numbers show how efficient the car uses electricity and gas.

  3. Using 20 vehicles to collect data on the impact on the grid? I can answer that without even requiring a vehicle – negligible. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a fleet of several hundred pure EV trucks? Oh wait, that’s right, you did. They were (are) called the Ford Ranger EV. They made over 1500 of them. What? You tried to take them all back and destroy them? Why didn’t you collect data then?