Orange/T-Mobile UK Look For A Step Change In Everything Everywhere


They were mocked when the merged UK operations of T-Mobile and Orange revealed that they would be called Everything Everwhere. Now the combined company is preparing a £2 million ($3.2 million) PR onslaught to convince the public otherwise.

An article in PR Week magazine says that T-Mobile UK and Orange UK have asked their existing agencies, Brands2Life and GolinHarris, to repitch for the accounts, and it is understood that a third brief is being created to manage the Everything Everywhere corporate brand. The current plan is for T-Mobile and Orange to continue to operate as separate brands in the consumer market, while Everything Everywhere works on, um, Everything Else.

The combined company, which is now the largest mobile operator in the UK with 27.9 million customers, has an opportunity to use its scale to actually create services that really do speak to the “Everything Everywhere” name – specifically in areas like IPTV but also mobile advertising and mobile commerce.

But in the competitive UK market, revenue growth has been elusive the last few quarters. At the end of October, the operator reported in its Q3 results flat revenues of £1.8 million with customer growth of just 185,000 subscribers. The company is also in a consolidation phase, in September announcing it would lay off 7.5 percent of its 16,000 workforce.

One year on from the merger, now it appears that it may be getting ready to change direction to a more attacking position. PR Week quotes Sean Jackson, Everything Everywhere’s brand communication director: “We’re looking at how we can create a step-change in performance across our business. A key part of this success of this will be through our brands and how we manage and communicate what they’re about, what they do and what’s coming next,’ said Jackson.


Joe Lopez

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