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4 Project Management Apps that Will Rock Your Mobile Device

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Project management has become something that we can handle on the go. While we might actually do a task while we’re sitting at our desks, it’s not out of the question to handle things like updating the rest of the team on our progress from a mobile device as we’re heading to a meeting.

It’s becoming standard practice for most robust project management and collaboration tools to at least offer a mobile- optimized version of their website so you can check up on what’s happening, no matter where you and your phone are. Many also have full-fledged mobile applications that make it possible to keep your systems constantly up-to-date.

What’s particularly good on one mobile device may not be so user-friendly on another, which may be worth considering if you’re still searching for the right tools for your organization. If you’re particularly devoted to a certain mobile platform, you’ll want to be sure that there’s a great mobile app for your collaboration tools available for it. These four apps are each great for what they do.

  1. Outpost (iPhone (s aapl)): If you’re a Basecamp user, Outpost can make a world of difference. It turns Basecamp into an application that is native to both the iPhone and the iPad, making it much easier to use while on the go. With Outpost, you can have all the functionality of Basecamp on your phone.
  2. Nozbe (iPhone): Based on the Getting Things Done (GTD) system, Nozbe offers both task management and collaboration tools that are simple to use. You can see at a glance what your own next actions should be, as well as keep track of what the rest of your team is up to. It is worthwhile having a working knowledge of the GTD approach before you dive into Nozbe.
  3. Project Schedule (Android (s goog)): For project managers who rely on robust tools like Gantt charts, Project Schedule puts a lot of power in your pocket. It allows you to handle scheduling right from your phone, as well as receive notifications (text, sound, text-to-speech or vibration) as you need them.
  4. Mobile Project Manager (BlackBerry (s rimm)): While you’re out and about, you can create projects and plan them on your BlackBerry if you have Mobile Project Manager installed. The app will save your data in a format that can be read by Microsoft Project (s msft), and you can also bring your Microsoft Project files over to your phone.

Your choice of mobile platform may dictate how you manage your projects: there may or may not be a mobile application available for your project management tool, or even a mobile version of a web application. Of course, there are always options beyond using a mobile device (such as hauling around the laptop and looking for a wireless connection). But ¬†for many teams, having mobile access to see what’s going on with a project is invaluable.

Which project management apps do you use on your mobile device?

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