WebM Makes Its Way to Mobile

David Schleef, CEO Entropy Wave, at NTVL 2010

The open-source WebM video format may finally be coming to a device near you. Entropy Wave CEO and WebM proponent David Schleef said on Wednesday at NewTeeVee Live that Texas Instruments would be incorporating WebM into its OMAP 4 and OMAP 5 mobile phone platforms as early as the first quarter of 2011. Schleef predicted that additional hardware supporting WebM would be released along the same schedule.

WebM gained momentum in mid-May after Google acquired On2 Technologies and then open-sourced On2’s VP8 video codec. The WebM project has more than 40 software and hardware supporters, from Google to Skype to Opera to Logitech.

The WebM format provides an alternative to video coding via H.264, whose licensing rankles open-source proponents. However, those same proponents have also had to counter claims that H.264 simply provides better video. Schleef also announced that the most recent version (released in the past couple of weeks) of the VP8 codec has shown a 7 percent PSNR improvement, which he explained, “basically means the visual quality of the encoded video is better.”

Schleef added that WebM is already integrated into most popular web browsers, such as Opera, Chrome, and Firefox and that it can be integrated into Safari and Internet Explorer with added plugins.

He predicted that over the next six months consumers will be able to see live streaming in HTML5 and that Google will integrate WebM improvements in video conferencing into Google Talk.

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