Swix Makes Basic Social Media Measurement a Breeze


You have a Facebook page for your business, you have a blog, you have a Twitter account and you’re even still using email marketing campaigns. But how are you tracking how those channels are performing? Have you figured out how to measure the ROI of your social media marketing efforts yet?

Canadian company Swix offers solutions that can help businesses and agencies track and analyze social media community growth, as well as the results of campaigns or offers.

Swix can answer questions such as:

  • How are my social media communities growing?
  • How many people are clicking on my offers in social media, on my site or blog, and via email?
  • Of those who click, how many take an action (purchase, provide data, etc.)?
  • If there are sales tied to my actions or offers, how much money are my social media channels generating, and which ones are generating the most money?
  • What’s my ROI based on money generated versus money spent on my campaign?

Swix offers two products: Swix Analytics and the new Swix Social Marketer, currently in beta. The analytics tool lets you track audience sizes for all of your social media properties in one unified dashboard so you can check the health of your community. You can generate analytics reports easily by clicking on the metrics you want to publish — audience growth or engagement numbers — and they are added to a report that appears on a password-protected web page to share with your team, client or other stakeholders.

Social media campaigns usually consist of a landing page or microsite where actions (a purchase or sign-up, for example) can take place. Swix Social Marketer generates unique URLs to help measure the traffic that various social media properties or tools are sending to the landing page and converting the most people per campaign. You can broadcast your offer out to your social network communities using the unique URLs generated by the Swix system for Facebook, websites, RSS feeds, Twitter and email. When people click on the specific link, the system tracks  what they do using cookies, so you know how many people clicked and who converted or took the prescribed action.

While neither of these offerings sounds particularly groundbreaking, they provide the kind of reports that you usually get by cobbling together data, mostly by hand. The cost of Swix Analytics is $9 per month, per brand. So you could start tracking all of a brand’s social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as its blog’s RSS, and see all the data on one page versus having to go into each channel every week and lifting the numbers for $9 a month. The next brand you want to track would be an additional $9 per month. Swix Social Marketer is currently in beta and free.

Swix eliminates a lot of friction and inefficiencies in the way many of us have been tracking and measuring the health of our social media properties and communities along with the actual conversions from social media to sales.
How are you tracking and measuring the value of your social media properties?

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