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Stat Shot: The Results of Silicon Valley’s Talent War

We’ve covered the war for talent among startups and larger tech firms in Silicon Valley, but after Google (s goog) issued employees a $1,000 bonus and 10 percent raise, Glassdoor took a look at how well people at Google were paid, and specifically, how well its software engineers are paid in contrast with peers at Yahoo (s yhoo), Facebook and other tech name brands. Judging by the software engineer wages, Google doesn’t pay as well as Facebook when it comes to salary, but it does deliver fatter bonuses, which even things out a bit.

However, for those solely seeking lucre, Cisco (s csco) and Yahoo also offer salaries on the high end. Of course, money isn’t everything for most people, so hours, colleagues, the freedom to tinker and the ability to solve interesting problems all contribute to attracting employees.

3 Responses to “Stat Shot: The Results of Silicon Valley’s Talent War”

    • Yes…there is nothing surprising with that. Its pretty much possible and common where an engineer/individual contributor might be getting more than his/her project manager. Its all about valuing tech talent… I have seen it happen…

      • It is very common for Senior Technical folks to make much more than Project managers and that is very true at my company. Sometimes they may make as much as their managers. No offence to PM’s – I just don’t see how a PM should even expect to make as much or even close to what a senior engineer makes especially at companies like Google, FB, and eBay.