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If Carriers Want to Maximize ROI, They Can’t Just Keep Throwing Money at Problems

Long gone are the days when carriers could call the shots on pricing and services. Today, telecom networks face competition from anyone that carries bits. As demands for bandwidth and quality of service increase, carriers must deliver new services to retain customers.

Having dealt with this carrier issue before, Alcatel-Lucent has developed the Cost Transformation program to help providers avoid the looming cost sink hole of trying to meet demand by increasing capacity. Carrier must attack problems and opportunities intelligently.

First step is to reduce network and operational cost drivers through business modeling and network testing. Feed those savings into growth opportunities for new and highly demanded customer services. Manage new services through a strategic go-to-market network launch.

The most popular way for carriers to reduce and manage costs is through Alcatel Lucent’s High Leverage Network (see “Wake Up, Service Providers – You Can Make Money Selling More Than Just the Pipe” and “Best Practices and Keeping Costs Under Control for Next-gen IP Network Transformation”) which allows a provider to dynamically allocate bandwidth depending on the service (voice, video, or data) when and where it’s needed.

To increase revenue opportunities, Alcatel-Lucent recommends focusing on application enablement, which requires carriers to provide easy access to network services for developers and content providers so that they can make applications your customers want to use and pay for.

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