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NewTeeVee Live 2010: Live Coverage

With the rise of cord-cutting, streaming TV, and the app-ification of TV, the online video industry is changing dramatically. That’s why the theme of our fourth annual NewTeeVee Live event is Television Reinvented. Today, the NewTeeVee crew is coming to you live from Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, as we talk to some of the industry’s key players to learn about the future of this increasingly exciting industry. Our livestream starts at 8:15 am PT, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions throughout the day. The Twitter hashtag is #ntvlive if you want to join the conversation.

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at

Live-blogged stories from the show:

  1. How Television Is Reinventing Itself
  2. NBA Goes for a Full Court Press for Online Viewers
  3. Hulu Brings in the Dough: $240M of Revenue in 2010
  4. Twitter Plus TV Creates “Social Viewing”
  5. Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy, Merton, Evolves
  6. WebM Makes Its Way to Mobile
  7. Adobe CTO: Actually, Your Macbook Battery Will Be Fine
  8. Vevo CEO: Cable Programming ‘Not the Future of Television’
  9. TV Shows Have Become a Two-Way Conversation
  10. DIY Film Distribution Requires Sleepless Nights & Groupon
  11. CEO: Turning Viewers Into Fans, Video Into Dollars
  12. Google TV Exec: Cord Cutting Is ‘Not Happening’
  13. Software Can Bridge the Divide for Internet TV Viewers
  14. What “Normal People” Want from TV
  15. When It Comes to Apps on TV, Keep it Simple
  16. The Future of the Screen Is the App
  17. 35 Hours of Video a Minute Now Uploaded to YouTube
  18. Bram Cohen on the Future of BitTorrent
  19. The Social Innovation of Glee!
  20. Behind the Livestream Boom