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Mac OS X 10.6.5 Has Just Arrived

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It’s time to fire up Software Update! The latest version of OS X (s aapl), version 10.6.5, has just landed. Aside from the standard “general operating system fixes,” there’s also a slew of specific ones addressing some common bugs, such as image processing in iPhoto and Aperture, and improved Microsoft Exchange server reliability.

The update weighs in at a whopping 517 MB, and of course, requires a restart once it’s done. I recommend saving what you’re doing and getting this installed as soon as you can. Cautious users may want to consult our guide to safely upgrading your Mac OS before running the upgrade.

Something I’ve noticed seems to be missing: The developers’ preview of 10.6.5 mentioned including support for AirPrint, one of the hot new features of iOS 4.2, but that isn’t mentioned in Software Update. Perhaps we’ll get more information about this when 4.2 is actually released.

So far, TAB staffers who’ve updated haven’t run into any problems.

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3 Responses to “Mac OS X 10.6.5 Has Just Arrived”

  1. wow thanks

    hey, ksbjka,

    I think you just helped me figure out what is wrong with my poor iMac (white, 2.16) about a few months ago.

    Occassionally, I would get blotchy patches, replications of the desktop on app windows, zombie patches of erstwhile windows, and lock ups.

    I’ve even reset PRAM, and was coming to the conclusion that maybe my 7300GT card was beginning to give up the ghost.

    This is really good news because I can blame flash! I think that was about the time I installed a flash update.

    Is this the only way to fix it is with the DVD? Or is it known what files need attention?

    BTW, 10.6.5 didn’t improve or worsen the artifacts, so I’d imagine that if 10.6.4 is skipped, you should be OK with 10.6.5

  2. Hmm… 10.6.4 went bad on my iMac late 2k6 (graphics bugs!), so, after Adobe Flash damaged the installation, and I repaired it with the install DVD, I didn’t update to 10.6.4 again. Now I’m running an unupdated 10.6, and there are almost no visual artifacts, Exposé lag or other annoyances. Should I upgrade now? It’s tempting and a little frightening at once.

  3. Careful if you use PGP Whole Disk Encryption. If you install 10.6.5, your computer won’t load on reboot. You’ll have to use your install CD to get it working again. The PGP forums have the full details.