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NewTeeVee Live: How Television Is Reinventing Itself

At NewTeeVee Live, representatives from ActiveVideo Networks, Clearleap, Coincident, and Clicker as well as content producers like Phil DeFranco and Justine Bateman shared their thoughts on the future of online video. We’ll update this post with highlights from each presentation as the day progresses.

To watch video of the full presentations, see the clips on our video archive or livestream page.

2 Responses to “NewTeeVee Live: How Television Is Reinventing Itself”

  1. I think one key important step that needs to be done is the elimination of the “Broadcast Network”. The broadcasters are no longer king of the mountain and are simply just another button on the great media grid. Stop this whole retrans business and just become a cable channel already. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later – so get to it. So much denial and longing to live in an old media world. It’s like they’re living through the Five Stage of Grief from On Death and Dying: