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Google Wave Gets Zip Export: Save Your Waves Before They’re Gone for Good

Google (s goog) might be shutting down Google Wave, but the company is at least making it easier to get the information that’s currently stored in the tool out of it again. To add to the existing HTML export functionality, you can now opt to export the content of a wave as a Zip file. The output includes the current view of the wave, plus any attachments that have been added over time (including any files which are now only available in playback history). It should be useful for users who have large amounts of information currently stored in Wave.

Google Wave will be running to “at least the end of the year.” While Google says it is working on ways to access waves through Google Docs, there’s no guarantee that waves will be accessible after the site is shut down, so it’s a very good idea to take the time to export your existing wave content now. If you’d like to continue using Wave after Google shuts down the service, you could also keep an eye on Wave in a Box, the open-source project that you’ll be able to run on your own server, which should also be able to import data from Google Wave.

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