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Hulu’s Revenue More Than Doubled Over The Last Year

Hulu’s second sales update in a year: CEO Jason Kilar says the company’s sales will total $240 million in 2010, up from $108 million in 2009. That appears to be an acceleration from March, when Kilar revealed for the first time that revenue had totaled $100 million in 2009 and said it would cross that number by mid-year.

Back then, Kilar said the company had achieved net profitability for two quarters in a row, although he didn’t provide an update on that today. Also, missing: a break-down of how much of the revenue is coming from its still fledgling Hulu Plus subscription service. The company did disclose that 352 companies had advertised on the site over the last year, including all 25 of the U.S.’s top advertisers.

The update comes as Hulu is expected to file to go public as soon as later this year. That offering will apparently value News Corp.-NBC (NYSE: GE) Universal-Disney (NYSE: DIS) venture at roughly $2 billion.

Here are the slides from Kilar’s presentation, in which he disclosed the figures:


One Response to “Hulu’s Revenue More Than Doubled Over The Last Year”

  1. I noticed others on different web sites are saying the same thing..their “revenue” numbers just don’t feel right. I have a feeling their revenue is not organic and probably subsidized by their broadcast network through packaged advertising deals carry some of the ad spend on Hulu. Then Hulu acts like this “revenue” is generated from user demand.

    Just don’t smell right.