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Nov. 9: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Today’s new demonstrates just how young, but promising, the cloud really is. Engine Yard is adding users fast, streaming video is driving demand for computing resources, and Rackspace is growing its cloud revenue and offerings while battling a little negative PR from disgruntled users.

Also noteworthy, although not included in this list, are cloud storage vendors Gluster and Zetta getting new funding. Zetta raised another $11.5 million, and Gluster raised $8.5 million.

Rackspace Bets on ‘Managed Cloud’ (From ZDNet) See below link for why Rackspace is wise to push this plan. Reading between the lines, we see that Rackspace Cloud isn’t quite on par with AWS technologically, but it can distinguish itself with services.

We’re Moving. Goodbye Rackspace. (From the Mixpanel Engineering blog) This is a pretty damning account of one company’s decision to leave its Rackspace cloud for AWS. It’s not the first such tale of Rackspace woe, which underscores the importance of its OpenStack effort to create a better cloud platform.

Engine Yard AppCloud Adoption Fuels Company Growth (From Engine Yard) Yes, Heroku is hosting nearly 100,000 apps, but fellow PaaS provider Engine Yard isn’t exactly hurting for business. It has more than 1,500 customers for its year-old AppCloud offering alone.

Hadoop—New Possibilities for the z196 (From DancingDinosaur) Who said Hadoop has to run on a distributed architecture? This author has ideas for a virtual Hadoop cluster within an IBM mainframe.

Video: Killer App Driving Data Center Growth (From Data Center Knowledge) This comports with everything I’ve been reading and hearing, which is why fears of a data center bubble seem misguided. Demand isn’t going anywhere.

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