Justin Bieber Is Now a YouTube Billionaire


Justin Bieber tweeted today that he now has over a billion views on YouTube, making him the second person ever to enter the billionaire’s club on the Google-owned (s GOOG) video site. Lady Gaga surpassed a billion views in late October. Here’s Bieber’s tweet:

This isn’t the first time Gaga and Bieber have competed head-to-head on YouTube. Gaga held the top spot for the most-watched video ever on YouTube for a long time, but got surpassed by Bieber in July. Bieber’s Baby video has now been viewed more than 380 million times, as compared to Bad Romance with 303 million views.

Either way, all of this is good news for VEVO. The major label-owned music video platform publishes both artist’s videos on YouTube, so those billion views are further helping VEVO to establish itself as one of the biggest online video sites.

VEVO President and CEO Rio Cardeff is speaking at NewTeeVee Live tomorrow — and it’s not too late to get a ticket.

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