The Morning Lowdown 11.09.10


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Time (NYSE: TWX) spent online is rising, but publishers can’t keep up with the never ending supply of content — mostly from social nets like Facebook or portals like Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) — and as a result, prices on ad impressions are only going to fall further. [Adweek]

»  Months after other newspapers got into the iPad game, The Washington Post (NYSE: WPO) finally unveiled its app for the device. It’s free now, but users will be hit with a charge in mid-February. The subscription plan favors print subs, who will only have to pay 99 cents a month; everybody else will be charged $3.99 a month. [WaPo]

»  The Confession is the first of author John Grisham’s adult hardcover novels to also be available at the same time as the e-book edition. And it could be a bona fide hit, says publisher Doubleday, claiming that the e-book sales were about one-third of week-one hardcover sales, or around 70,000. [WSJ]

»  Newspapers don’t have to sic the lawyers on sites on content pirates — at least not when theft becomes immediately apparent. Try reaching out to offenders first before slapping them with a suit, as they’re pretty likely to comply when confronted. [RRW]

»  Hyperlocal news startups would do well to emulate the way SB Nation has engaged its community of sports writers and fans. [GigaOm]

»  AOL’s attempt to create a less cluttered experience for consumers by cutting back on ads has hurt it in the short run in terms of ad revenue and impressions, but it hopes to make it all back in the long term. [AdAge]

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