Our Digital Entertainment Digest 11.09.10

Here’s our take on some of the latest news at the intersection of technology and entertainment:

» OK Go: Brace yourself, YouTube. One of the few acknowledged masters of the viral video has loosed itself upon the internets again. Rockers OK Go released “Last Leaf” today with some help from the Samsung NX100 digital camera, which doubles as sponsor and production tool here. Ever since “Here It Goes Again” made it big (53 million views and counting), OK Go has established itself as that rarest of online-entertainment options: a reliable source of viral programming. [BusinessWire].

» Sayonara Streamys: After a calamitous showing earlier this year, the Streamy Awards have been abandoned by the International Association of Web Television, which plans to launch its own awards honoring the best in digital entertainment. This is akin to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences parting ways with the Emmy Awards. Webisode watchdog Tubefilter could go it alone with Streamys 3.0, but the safe bet is it won’t be coming back again. [NewTeeVee].

» Web-to-TV Series: Citing a raft of examples from “$#*! My Dad Says” to his network’s own “Sanctuary,” Syfy programming chief Mark Stern is quoted as saying there’s a “renaissance” afoot in the Web world when it comes to piloting programming on digital platforms for eventual usage on TV. There does seem to be renewed activity in this space, which seemed to have gotten burned one too many times years ago with the likes of “Quarterlife.” But until we start to see studios actually formalize some kind of farm system for this kind of upstream development, it may be too soon to call this a comeback. [Ad Age].

» ‘Green Hornet’ App: Sony (NYSE: SNE) and digital marketing agency Trigger are launching an app for upcoming tentpole film “The Green Hornet.” That’s fine and dandy as promotion goes, but the howler in this story is that the freemium app will somehow “offset the spiraling marketing costs incurred by studios as they build awareness for their movies.” Rationalizing an expenditure–and a minor one at that–as somehow recouping costs is pure lunacy. Unless that is, the app gets downloaded 9 zillion times.[FT.com].

Have a look at OK Go’s “Last Leaf”:

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos