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Mobile Bits: Samsung Continuum; Taptu; Opera Mobile; Evernote

Samsung Continuum: The latest in Samsung’s Galaxy series of Android devices features a quirky little tweak to the touchscreen form factor: a second, smaller screen that acts as a dedicated “ticker.” This can be customised to be used for various functions, from tracking incoming calls and messages, to music navigation and news feeds. Verizon Wireless will be the first carrier to offer the device, starting November 11.

Taptu: The mobile search company today is launching My Taptu, a new app that lets users bring together different content streams and add social media feeds into the mix. The service is now available for the iPhone and Android platforms, with an iPad version expected by the end of the year. Mitch Lazar, the company’s recently promoted CEO, tells us that after this Taptu plans to create an HTML5 version of the service, rather than invest in developing apps for more platforms. [video demo]

Android app updates: Opera Mobile today releases a 10.1 beta of its software for browsing the web on Android devices, with more options for customising and browsing data; and Evernote, the multimedia note-taking app, which last month raised $20 million in a third round of funding led by Sequoia Capital, has released a new version for Android devices. Among the features in 2.0 edition are a new search interface, faster performance and new functions such as the ability to record as you type. [blog]