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Digital Home: Nielsen’s Stats On Tablets, 3D TV And Online Viewing

Just how connected and technologically advanced of an audience are we? Sure, DVRs are becoming more and more commonplace and it may be intuitive knowledge that high tech homes have more gadgets — specifically, homes with HD TV sets are more likely to have DVRs, DVD players and gaming consoles than homes with standard definition sets. But Nielsen’s EVP for Media Product Leadership Cheryl Idell doesn’t see consumers rushing to cut the cable cord as only six percent of broadband households have made the change. At our Battle for the Digital Home conference on Monday, Idell also spoke about the chatter surrounding 3D TV, debunking it as merely hype, at least for now.

Some highlights from her session, with the full presentation embedded below:

— iPad users are more receptive to advertising than are iPhone users and connected devices owners, in general.
— Online long-form video is still too small to make an impact on a macro level.
— 52 percent of 3D TV viewers rated 3D TV better than expected.
— 37 percent of households have DVRs and 45 percent of recorded ads are viewed.

Evolution of the Video Viewer