Today in Social

Do we really need another browser, even one that’s optimized for social media and information feeds? RockMelt launched this weekend, and it’s getting a fair amount of attention because it’s funded by Andreessen Horowitz. Some power users remain unimpressed because it’s not mobile, it separates search, and isn’t real-time enough. RockMelt is based on HTML 5 and the same Chromium engine as Google’s browser, and it does a lot of pre-caching for extra speed. It requires a Facebook log-in and puts your favorite friends on a pane right there in your face. The original “social browser,” Flock, never gained traction, but it was early – a little before Facebook became huge – and somewhat geared to blog-posting, a minority activity. RockMelt is less about creating and more about consuming the social and info feeds, so it feels more on-trend to me. But this is a crowded space, and I see no evidence of an innovative distribution strategy.