Nov. 8: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

If you’re wondering how IT will look a few years down the road, today’s links provide might provide some ideas: ARM-based servers, cloud-based databases, hefty Big Data investments and Dell possessing a larger piece of the enterprise pie.

Marvell Unveils 1.6GHz Quad-core Armada XP Processor for Cloud Computing (From SlashGear) So, this is a big deal, and will be an even bigger deal when it announces its first server vendor OEM deal. Will it be Dell, which has expressed an interest in ARM?

SQL In the Cloud (From CloudBzz) This analysis raises an interesting question about third-party databases and provider-built databases. Will users add the extra layer of complexity if their providers already offer a SQL service?

Aster Data Reveals Findings from Big Data Summit Conferences (From Aster Data Systems) I’m actually surprised by the lack of a majority response to any of the issues cited. Are Big Data uses and concerns that distinct among organizations?

Is Cloud Computing Really Greener or Are We Just Passing the Buck? (From ZDNet) This is a new take on the question of Green IT and cloud computing. Aside from relative carbon emissions, we also need to consider what happens with all that old hardware.

Dell to Double Enterprise Sales by 2014 (From The Register) This is a nice complement to my Weekly Update on Dell’s cloud strategy. The bottom line is that Dell is taking steps to ensure the “box wrapper” label won’t stick.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user katerha.