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Broadcaster Releases Movie via BitTorrent As It Airs On TV

Dutch public broadcaster VPRO is releasing a documentary about the U.S. economic crisis simultaneously via BitTorrent and over the airwaves today. California Dreaming airs on VPRO at 10 p.m. CET (1 p.m. Pacific), but it’s also available at the same time via and its distribution partners.

The movie follows five people in Los Angeles who are affected by the economic crisis. The version released by VODO is entirely in English. Check out a trailer below:

California Dreaming is being released under a Creative Commons licenses that allows non-commercial reproduction and remix. It’s also promoted via VODO partners like and through VODO’s app on uTorrent.

“The combination of Creative Commons licensing and BitTorrent-based distribution via platforms like and enables… VPRO to reach new audiences without additional costs and very little extra effort,” said Paul Keller, Public Project Lead of Creative Commons Netherlands, adding: “This presents a huge opportunity for public broadcasters with a relatively small home market to reach international international audiences.”

This isn’t the first time VPRO has experimented with BitTorrent. The broadcaster also released its documentary series Century Of The Cities via last year.

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