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MindTouch Partners With Dachis Group to Release New Social Intranet Suite

MindTouch, a provider of open-source enterprise collaboration and intranet tools, has teamed up with Dachis Group, a social business consultancy, to release a new product, the bit-of-a-mouthful MindTouch Social Intranet, with Workforce by Dachis Group. It’s an app that builds on MindTouch’s existing intranet software with a suite of custom collaboration applications, including a Yammer-like enterprise microblogging tool, a project management app, and a custom issue-tracking app.

The Workforce by Dachis Group Application Suite includes:

  • Workforce Projects. A project management application that enables user to manage and and track status, timelines and related documents.
  • Workforce Issue Management An issue management application that’s useful for a help desk or support staff. It can manage help desk tickets, issue tracking and feature requests.
  • Workforce Comments An enterprise microblogging tool. With Workforce Comments users can start a conversation, follow a particular project or issue and collaborate in real time with team members.

Interestingly, these add-on tools were originally developed by Dachis Group to use internally, who then worked with MindTouch to bring them to market so that other businesses could use them. With many products now open source, and many applications now being extensible through the use of open APIs, we may see more organic partnerships happening like this in the future.

MindTouch Social Intranet, with Workforce by Dachis Group is available today.

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One Response to “MindTouch Partners With Dachis Group to Release New Social Intranet Suite”

  1. Simon,

    Thanks for covering this. You’re right, the name is a mouthful :-) and I’m glad you brought this up. Workforce by Dachis Group is included in the MindTouch Social Intranet, but Workforce can also can be added to other MindTouch products. Meaning, existing customers have access to Workforce independent of the Social Intranet.