Our Digital Entertainment Digest 11.05.10


Here’s our take on some of the latest news at the intersection of technology and entertainment:

» ‘Megamind’ Invades Farmville: DreamWorks becomes the first studio to launch a 24-hour in-game promotion on this popular Zynga property. It’s an organic fit given the animation and tone of “Megamind,” but the true sign of this campaign’s success will be how many other studios try this in the months ahead. Studios and social-media apps haven’t exactly been falling all over each other to date [Ad Age].

» Multiplatform Bravo: Bravo is at the forefront of a movement that TV networks have been trying to masters for at least a decade: turning programming into a two-screen experience given the increasing amount of viewers who watch with a laptop or iPad in front of them. The cable channel’s “Talk Bubble” is making impressive strides in incorporating social-media interactions among fans relevant to the TV program they’re watching, and an ad-revenue gold mine may very well be in the offing: marketers would love to hit highly engaged viewers on two screens at once [Bloomberg/Business Week].

» Acquiring Netflix: There’s a seductive logic to this purely speculative piece by equity analyst Darcy Travlos regarding the likelihood of either Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) or Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) snapping up Netflix for the right price. There’s something about how heavily hyped Netflix is right now that makes it seem that if it’s going to get acquired, that time is coming sooner than later [Forbes].

» Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Weekend: Yahoo extends its already robust stable of online video programs with “Weekend Edition,” a combination of original and syndicated fare aimed at capturing viewers in the Fri-Sun period. Like everything Yahoo does in video, it’s going to be incredibly generic to appeal to the massive audiences they get off their hugely trafficked homepage, but that’s how they’re able to bring in blue-chip sponsors [Mediaweek].

» Meryl Streep, Web Star: In what may just be the most high-profile example yet of a major talent participating in an original online production, Oscar-winner Meryl Street appears on an episode of Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” on Nov. 8. No doubt, this will unleash a tsunami of A-list actors accepting little to no pay to do Webisodes. Or not (go with ‘not’ on this one). [Deadline Hollywood].

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