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Is 20p Too Much For ‘i’? Free Test For Paper, Paid App Coming

At just £0.20, the new Independent off-shoot “i” is certainly one of the cheapest (and freshest papers out there – clearly a cut above the celeb-led distractions inside full freesheets.

But is even £0.20 the right price?

Independent Print is now giving folks the opportunity to read the paper free for a week, with these vouchers redeemable for five daily copies.

Voucher offers are nothing new, and this is a marketing offer rather than a strategic shift with the model. But it will at least allow the Lebedevs to see how a free “i” compares with a £0.20 “i”.

“i” will later offer an iPad app at the same price as the paper, The Independent’s digital MD Zach Leonard (formerly of News International), tells NMA.

“It was a critical strategic decision to have a common price across all platforms,. But this was a bit of a challenge with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) because it doesn’t have the 20p pricing band in the app store.

“So we’re bundling content into logical clusters so you can have a week’s worth. Quality journalism distributed through an app designed for iPad is absolutely worth 20p at least.”

One Response to “Is 20p Too Much For ‘i’? Free Test For Paper, Paid App Coming”

  1. I had the opportunity to buy it the other day. I was interested, but not for 20p.

    I had the idea that it was, conceptually, like the Metro and, because of that, not worth paying for..

    I wonder how many others have the same conception…