Pump Up the Volume With Jambox from Jawbone


Jawbone, famous for Bluetooth phone headsets, wants to help you jam with the new Jambox wireless speaker system. The portable sound system delivers the full audio spectrum to provide realistic sound when listening to music or playing games on any device paired with the Jambox. The device also functions as a high-quality hands-free conference call system.

Several things set the Jambox apart from other wireless speakers, such as an airtight enclosure that plays low-frequency audio that can be felt from a distance. Equally impressive, in what may be a first for wireless mobile speakers, the Jambox can be updated through apps and software improvements delivered through the MyTalk online platform (currently in beta). Apps available for the Jambox will include dialing apps and voice text messaging apps to take advantage of the integrated hands-free capability of the device. Software updates will also be distributed via the MyTalk platform.

The Jambox will be available at Apple (s aapl) Stores and Best Buy (s bby) stores on Nov. 16. It can currently be pre-ordered from Jawbone for $199.

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