Nov. 4: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s a mixed bag of links today, ranging from the latest cloud statistics to Teradata’s growing revenues. In between, we have a questionable federal cloud-security roadmap, an interview with Hadoop creator Doug Cutting and, believe it or not, a rumor that VMware is working on Hyper-V support.

State of the Cloud – November 2010 (From Jack of All Clouds) Another month, another look at how cloud providers rank among the top 500,000 web sites. Not much has changed (AWS and Rackspace still dominate), except that the overall count keeps growing.

FedRAMP. My First Impression? We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat… (From Rational Survivability) This is Chris Hoff’s take on the government’s latest effort toward getting its cloud compliance strategy in check. If he’s right, it will be a while before FedRAMP ever gets going. Good for security, bad for that government cloud plan.

VMware to Support Hyper-V? (From SearchServerVirtualization) If true — and that’s a big if — this would be a big deal. Even if it can’t stop low-end shops from choosing Hyper-V, it can sell its hybrid vision and management tools to everybody.

The Hadoop Guy Becomes the Apache Guy (From ZDNet) This is a good interview with Doug Cutting on balancing his responsibilities to Hadoop, Cloudera and Apache. Particularly, it appears, Cloudera and Apache don’t always see eye to eye.

Teradata Delivers Strong Quarter, Ups 2010 Outlook (From The Register) Why do we care about Teradata? Because many believe it will be the next data warehouse vendor bought by a major IT vendor, after Greenplum and Netezza. If it keeps up this growth, the sales price will be huge(r).

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Image courtesy of Flickr user MrFaber.