Hot Developers Showing More Love for Android

We’ve been hearing for some time about how developers are going to start focusing more on Android (s goog). But now, in the last 24 hours, we’ve gotten some concrete signs that the platform is indeed getting more attention from big time developers. Here’s what has happened:

What does it all mean? Well, Android still isn’t the first choice of many developers. But it seems like devs are making more of an effort to close the gap between Android and iOS apps where they exist. There are still business concerns to be hashed out for paid apps, though these are getting addressed by new in-app payment options from PayPal (s ebay), Boku and others. Again, this is just a small sampling, but it could be a telling one, highlighting the growing importance developers are placing on Android because Android devices are selling like gangbusters. It takes these snapshots in time to show the growth is meaningful and is translating into more sway and power.

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