Nov. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

What’s new in the cloud computing world today? How about Oracle working for API interoperability, the White House pushing cloud-specific security guidelines, Dell potentially getting into the cloud-provider business, and a discussion of why cloud-based products can up-end the traditional sales model.

5 Cloud Computing Conundrums (From O’Reilly Radar) These issues are valid, but they overlook an inherent aspect of cloud computing: Ultimately, IT will have to adapt to embrace the cloud, not the other way around.

Oracle Submits Cloud Interoperability API (From ZDNet) I think this happened months ago, but now it’s official, at least. Withholding comment on the notion of Oracle and interoperability . . .

White House Issues Secure Cloud Computing Guidance (From I love watching the government’s on-again, off-again love affair with cloud computing. News like this shows a progressive side, but there have been a few setbacks lately.

Dell Tied to Data Center in Washington State (From Data Center Knowledge) I find this intriguing for a couple of reasons, although primarily because of recent talks over Dell’s service ambitions. Maybe it won’t buy Rackspace, but will build its own business instead.

Death of an Enterprise Salesman (From Thinking Out Cloud) With the advent of freemium and SaaS 2.0, there really is little need for a full sales staff. Hype drives downloads, which drive sales: If the free product is good, the paid product is better.

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