mDialog Inserts Ads, Apps Into Live iOS Streams


Mobile video ad firm mDialog and video encoding vendor Inlet Technologies have teamed up to help publishers insert in-stream ads and interactive applications into live video streams on Apple iOS (s AAPL) devices. The combination will allow media companies and advertisers to overlay rich media apps over live videos that are being displayed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The integration of mDialog’s video ad platform with Inlet’s Spinnaker encoder increases mDialog’s already big bet on providing an ad solution for Apple’s portfolio of mobile devices. The company has been focused on delivering ads to iPhone apps for years, but has picked up some traction with the iPad, which doesn’t support Adobe’s Flash (s ADBE) and thus doesn’t support any of the Flash video ad tools that have been developed over the last several years.

To date that has mainly meant serving up ads against on-demand videos, but mDialog is taking its iOS expertise one step further by integrating live video functionality. The partnership with Inlet will enable video publishers pushing live sports events, concerts and the like to serve interactive ads into those streams as well. The partnership also gives content producers the ability to take advantage of mDialog’s just-announced in-stream apps capability in live video feeds, enabling advertisers to directly engage with users while they are watching full-screen videos. In addition to ad- and app-serving, mDialog also offers detailed analytics for videos served in iOS devices.

The introduction of interactive advertising tools from companies like mDialog should help increase publisher interest in serving to HTML5 video players and in-app video feeds on devices that get no benefit from the work done in creating interactive ad formats in Flash video players. By giving publishers more ways to monetize and track video views on iOS devices, mDialog and others are helping to make more video available on the iPhone and iPad.

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