T-Mobile’s New Ad Pokes Fun Of AT&T; Claims “America’s Largest 4G Network”


Credit: T-Mobile USA

AT&T (NYSE: T) continues to use the tagline “America’s fastest network,” but that’s currently being challenged by every other major wireless operator, as T-Mobile USA upgrades its network to support average speeds of 5 Mbps, and Sprint (NYSE: S) and Verizon Wireless prep their 4G networks.

Beginning this evening, T-Mobile will buck its trend of using NBA all-stars as spokespeople and focusing in on families, by rolling out a national TV ad campaign that calls out AT&T’s deficiencies. The ad visualizes the strain of AT&T’s network by showing a man that’s barely able to carry another man on piggyback, and says that T-Mobile is “America’s Largest 4G Network.” The ad focuses on the new myTouch 4G that can video chat “pretty much anywhere,” compared to the iPhone 4, which can only FaceTime (NYSE: TWX) over WiFi.


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