The Mac mini Gets an International Price Cut


Early this morning, Apple (s aapl) lowered the price of the Mac mini in many international stores. (Google translation) points out that prices seem to have changed in all stores except the U.S. store, but that’s not entirely accurate, since in Australia and Canada, they remain the same.

There’s a pretty big difference for those buying with Euros, however, as the price of the base 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor-powered Mac mini is now only 709 € ($993.80 USD), down from 809 €. The 2.66GHz Snow Leopard Server mini also got a price cut of 150 €, down to 999 € from 1149 €. In the UK, Apple instituted a £50 price reduction across the board, making the two Mac mini models £599 ($959.77 USD) and £879 respectively.

New pricing could be a reflection of the weak U.S. dollar, but if that were the only reason, Canada would definitely have been included, since its currency is doing quite well. More likely, the changes reflect a refining of the backend processes related to international retail that allowed Apple to keep its margins while offering consumers a break, or awareness on Apple’s part that it was pricing itself out of European and other markets, as stagnant growth worldwide for Mac market share would seem to suggest.

Whatever the reason, it does make the Mac mini a far more attractive option to international customers. The mini has always been the cheapest way to get into OS X, and now it’s cheaper still. I only hope that Apple sees overwhelming positive response to the drops in price, since maybe then we’ll see the same strategy applied to other offerings, too.

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The mac mini’s price has been reduced in Australia, as well. It is now AU$899. It was previously AU$999.


So it’s now cheaper to buy a Mini in France than the UK?

Really, this is underwhelming. It needed to come down £100 not £50 to be roughly comparable to the US price before tax. At one point the old G4 Minis were selling at £320 in the UK. Since the Intel shift Mini prices have gone up and up to the point where they’ve priced themselves out of the market the Mini was created for.


I read this and checked our local apple store website. Apparently, the price drop is only for Europe. I’m in Asia.

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