What’s Got 10M Lines of Code & An IP Address: The Volt


GM’s upcoming electric car the Volt has a lot in common with your laptop — it’s got an IP address, 10 million lines of code, and 40 percent of the car is electronics. And a good chunk of the software on the car was developed courtesy of IBM (s IBM), which announced this morning that it provided tools for GM engineers to design, build and test software that drives the Volt.

IBM says GM engineers used its software tools to model the interactions between the Volt’s embedded systems and to help increase the car system’s efficiency, as well as to help engineers collaborate about the design and development process. Software developed using IBM’s tools helps drive the Volt’s electric drive unit, the car’s speed, horsepower and torque.

For months GM has been positioning the Volt, an extended range electric vehicle launching later this year, as a showcase for connected-car technology. In January GM said the Volt will roll out equipped with remote control battery charging and other vehicle functions via smartphones, and in May the automaker announced plans for version 2.0 of the Volt app to link with Google’s Android and incorporate new location-based services using Google technology.

IBM, too, has been talking for awhile about its attention to the digital car market. Particularly IBM’s Vice President of Strategy and Development for Energy & Utilities, Allan Schurr, who we named as Earth2Tech’s top 15 connected car influencers, given his role with “anything EV-related” at IBM. Software firms like Microsoft (s MSFT), and Google (s GOOG) are also looking to tackle the connected car market.

Here’s our Green Overdrive video of a test drive of the Volt:

And here’s the latest Volt ad:


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Katie – what is the source of the 10M lines of code ? And in what language ?

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