Nov. 1: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure


The choice between cloud computing offering keeps getting more difficult as providers continue to up the ante. Today, we have a debate between Microsoft, Google and AWS, IBM targeting governments with its cloud, and a discussion on how network gear could affect cloud data centers. Also, we see Big Data marching forward, with another Cloudera partnership and a Netflix-MongoDB use case.

IBM Launches Cloud Services for Federal, Municipal Governments (From ZDNet) This is further action on IBM’s recently announced strategy of building cloud offerings for specific industries. With financial services and government underway, it has the big-money markets covered.

Windows Azure vs Amazon EC2 vs Google App Engine (From Stack Overflow) This is a great forum on the respective benefits of various cloud offerings. As one might expect, the consensus is that the application probably determines which platform to use.

Datacenter Networks Are In My Way (From Perspectives) Amazon’s networking guru James Hamilton lays out the case for improving and standardizing networking gear to improve efficiency across the board.

Informatica and Cloudera Announce Partnership (From MarketWatch) Another Cloudera partnership, this time focusing on large-scale data integration. Is there a data-centric ISV with which Cloudera won’t have a strong partnership? That bodes well for business.

NoSQL Netflix Use Case Comparison for MongoDB (From Adrian Cockroft’s blog) As a quick Q&A on MongoDB best practices and capabilities, this is pretty good. Part of getting NoSQL products into the mainstream will be plenty of free education.

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