Reddit Co-Founder Slowe Leaves

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Christopher Slowe, one of the three co-founders of Reddit who sold the site to Conde Nast four years ago and had been working as its manager for the last year, is stepping down. Slowe is leaving the company to join Hipmunk, a flight search engine started by fellow Reddit founder Steve Huffman. Huffman, along with Reddit’s third co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, left the news aggregator exactly a year ago after their contracts expired; at the time, Slowe said he would stay on.

Slowe is leaving just as Reddit’s performance has improved significantly, especially in the wake of troubles at arch-rival Digg. At the same time, Reddit’s team has complained publicly about having insufficient resources to manage the site’s growth and in July, the site resorted to asking users for any money they could spare, a move that raised eyebrows, considering the deep pocket’s of the site’s parent. Reddit subsequently launched a formal subscription model.

In a farewell blog post, however, Slowe says he decided to leave the company on “a high note” and says his “parting with Conde Nast has been nothing but amicable.” Slowe says the remainder of the Reddit team is staying on and it expects to hire soon.

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“Reddit’s team has complained publicly about having insufficient resources”. That’s classic. Somebody should inform them that they are supposed to MAKE money, then they wouldn’t have to beg for it.

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