Next Up For Google TV: Karaoke?


Web videos, social applications and… karaoke? That’s what the future of Google (s GOOG) TV could look like, according to Google TV Product Lead Rishi Chandra, who sat down with me this week to talk a little about the present and future of Google’s living room platform. Asked about potential killer apps for Google TV, he said that he sees a lot of potential in “social experiences that you have in the living room,” adding: “Why couldn’t karaoke be a great application?”

Rishi Chandra will also be on stage at at NewTeeVee Live 2010, coming up on November 10th in San Francisco, where he’ll join us for a fireside chat about Google TV. Check out the interview with him below:

It’s worth noting that Chandra also emphasized web video and their creators as one of the reasons for Google to enter the living room. “There is so much great compelling web video content out there,” he told me. Google sees the ability to access all of this web-exclusive content as one big differentiator to previous attempts to bring online video to the TV.

Sure, it’s nice to have Hollywood fare via Amazon (s AMZN) and Netflix (s NFLX) — but in the end, that’s just VOD, much like your cable company is offering it. “What’s even more interesting for is all the content you just can’t get on your TV today,” said Chandra.

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