Oct. 29: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Heading into the weekend, there’s a lot of talk about speed: SSDs are set to speed up consumer devices, China’s new supercomputer is the fastest ever, Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Azure users will get upgrades faster than on-premise users, and SAP wants to speed up the resolution of its lawsuit with Oracle.

Superfast SSDs Are Coming, but Will They Be Used the Right Way? (From Ars Technica) Many cutting-edge enterprise storage and database appliances already utilize SSDs in just this manner, and some even have algorithms to determine what is stored on them.

Will the Cloud Mean Joblessness for You? (From The Register) The great cloud-computing-will-destroy-jobs debate continues. I think the author is on the right track, but might paint too rosy a picture. After all, new jobs might not fit present employees.

AppFabric – Microsoft’s New Middleware (From Tim Anderson’s ITWriting) The last sentence of this post is the most important. Not only does it strengthen Microsoft’s “all-in” cloud strategy, but it reinforces the continuous development cycle that make cloud services so appealing.

SAP Calls Audible in Oracle Lawsuit; Seeks to ‘Focus’ Trial, Limit ‘Media Circus’ (From ZDNet) Probably a smart move by SAP. If it’s guilty, there’s no need to expose the details to the light of day; just settle confidentially and move on.

China Benchmarks World’s Fastest Super: 2.5 Petaflops Powered by GPUs (From InsideHPC) For whom is this a bigger deal, Nvidia or the United States? This is validation of Nvidia’s Tesla GPUs, but bad news for the U.S., which has more than just pride on the line when it comes to supercomputers.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user jpctalbot.