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Multi-platform Video Pays Off for the NBA

Sure, maybe you’re paying more attention to the World Series right now (go Giants!), but this week another sport — professional basketball — kicked off its 2010-2011 season. Tuesday’s NBA season opener posted not only wins by the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, but a triple-digit increase in video streams. delivered 12.1 million video streams for opening night, which was a 207-percent increase over last year’s numbers. This continues the upward trend of sports viewing online, which has made major events like the Olympics and the World Cup proof of the power of broadband.

Just one example: Sports viewing online is so powerful that last April, the state of Massachusetts watched the second-largest amount of web video nationwide. The reason? The Boston Celtics’ strong post-season performance, which lead to them winning the NBA Eastern Conference.

[inline-pro-content]The NBA is nurturing this online success with NBA League Pass, a new multi-platform program giving fans access to more than 40 live games each week across television, broadband and mobile devices. This isn’t a take-it-or-leave-it package, though; NBA Digital is offering a variety of options for how you might consume your basketball viewing. By offering the TV, broadband and mobile options a la carte, NBA Digital allows you to choose which services fit best into your viewing patters.

Most notable is the two-tiered approach to the broadband packages: a $179.95 package that gives you access to all games in the regular season, or a $109.95 version that allows you to track up to seven teams during the season. Those are early-bird prices that will increase after Nov. 2, and might be too expensive for the casual fan to consider. But for the fan whose hometown favorite doesn’t get regular cable play, or the fan who doesn’t have cable at all, this might be a service worth considering.

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3 Responses to “Multi-platform Video Pays Off for the NBA”

  1. gonzo90017

    If the game is on TNT or ESPN it’s blacked out permanently. (I’m pretty sure that also goes for games on NBA TV but i’m not 100% sure).

    Blackouts on are not that bad. Like I said on my 1st post. You can watch ANY blackout game 90 minutes after it’s over. No such option on NBA League Pass.

    And a subscriber from Seattle says he was only able to watch 20% of the Lakers games due to blackouts. So i’m sure you’ll run into the same issues by picking teams like Miami and Boston.

  2. FutureToob

    Is this a cord-cutter’s option for basketball? I don’t think $110 is too much for a whole season of basketball if you pick your favorite team and the 6 most interesting teams in the league.

    Are there blackouts? That’s the biggest question with something like this, and it’s really hurt the MLB.

  3. gonzo90017

    At $179.95 it’s overpriced. With you can watch all teams play. That includes blackouts and Local Teams (you just wait 90 minutes after the game is over). And it only costs $100 (and that’s not an early bird special). Plus the game is presented in true full screen unlike the NBA’s video player which presents a huge score board on top of the screen plus black bars on all sides (kind of like watching 4:3 material on a 16:9 screen).